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Company introduction

GWIN (SUZHOU)Machine Tech Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007. The traditional choice to produce large and heavy blow molding machine: from industrial packaging to water tanks, from nautical to gardening items, from automotive parts to flat panels. Robust design and operational reliability, a continuous technological evolution, a wide range of sizes, and the modular approach – extruder size, head capacity, clamp force, platens dimensions can be selected – allows any customer to get the most suitable configuration to his needs.

KB2000/IBC Container Three-layer Blow Molding Machine

This equipment is specially designed for the production of IBC Tank in accordance with UN standard

  1. The product weight can be adjusted automatically from 13.5-15kg;
  2. Double-layer/three-layer configuration, the outer layer is made of raw material with anti-UV;The ratio can be adjusted by 35-60%;
  3. Actual production: 160-170 seconds/piece;
  4. 4. The whole machine conforms to CE certification

High quality high speed Blow Molding Machine

The high speed and high efficiency double station blow molding machine is designed based on KAUTEX series machine from Germany. The maximum volume of single head is 30L.

Equipped with international famous brand hard gear box, smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency. Extrusion screw adopts slotted feeder barrel and screen screen screw design, melt uniform, high plasticizing ability. Material selection of high quality nitride alloy steel, high surface hardness, long service life. Can be widely used in PE, PP, PC, PA, PVC,

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