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Blow molding machine

 Continuous extrusion blow molding machine

Suitable for the production of various PE bottles, oil cans, plastic barrels, etc. from 100ML-25L, with single and double stations, and can be configured with 1-6 different numbers of die heads (and configuration Layers 1-3 and view strip line); Driven by servo hydraulic system.

Accumulator blow molding machine

Screw diameter configuration from 75MM-150MM; storage capacity from 3KG-80KG (HDPE), can be configured with 1-3 layers of die heads, driven by servo hydraulic system, equipped with down blowing device, automatic take-out manipulator, etc..ings.

IBC cage machine line

IBC Cage provides full automatic or semi-automatic production machine line.

Injection molding machine

“SOUND” series servo energy-saving precision plastic injection molding machine, injection molding machine specifications: clamping force 900KN to 4000KN, theoretical injection capacity 100cm3 to 215000cm3, injection weight 100g to 200000g.

IBC Tank For Sale

IBC medium Bulk container. Is a modern Warehousing, transportation of liquid products, the necessary tools. The container barrel inner container and galvanized steel framework combination, the content of high molecular weight high density polyethylene blow molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, good health.

IBC Tank Valve, Metal Accessories For Sale

Supply valves and all metal parts for IBC tank manufactured in China.

Blow Molding Mold 

To provide customers with high quality blow molding die for extrusion blow molding machine, volume from 5ML to 5000L.

Injection Blow Molding Machine

The machine is a full automatic injection molding equipment, suitable for processing PP, PS, PE, SAN, PMMA, PC, PETG, PEN and other thermoplastic, widely used in pharmaceutical, health care products, food and beverage, cosmetics, etc.. One Mold with Multi-caivity for automatic continuous production technology, using three horizontal station rotary device, hot runner system and multi-stage injection molding system,injection molding, blow molding, demolding three position and action to ensure equipment of high efficiency and energy saving operation, ensure smooth product bottle, the bottleneck of inner and outer diameter and thread high precision, no waste is the standard equipment of modern enterprise environment-friendly production

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