PP melt blown fabric machine

The melt blown fabric production line mainly consists of the main body of the melting spray platform, the hot air system, the receiving network system, the electret system, and the cutting and winding unitAs agreed in the contract, according to the raw materials suggested by our company, the blocking rate of 0.3um (PFE) can be 95% under the condition of our company’s acceptance standard: detection flow of 32L

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Process flow: feed (additive) – melt extrusion – filter – metering – spinning – hot air traction – cooling (cold air) – mesh – electrostatic electret treatment – winding and cutting.

Finished fabric width: 630MM (3 rolls)
Finished fabric specification: 15-80g /㎡
Screw specification: diameter 65MM length-diameter ratio 33
Exhaust fan configuration: power: 5.5kw, quantity: 1
Hot air heating power: 50KW;
Hot wind traction: air compressor 37KW
Combined machine speed: 80m/min
Process speed: 8-60m/min
Quantity: 1 production line (placed in a separate workshop)
Installed capacity: 100KW.Normally, about 60 kw
External dimension of the equipment: 10*2.5*2.5 m (length * width * height)
一、production line model:
1、Model name: gs-600 melting spray production line
2、Product specification: working width 630mm, surface density 10~30g/m2
3、Product fiber fineness: 1.5~5 meters
二、Main technical parameters of melt spraying
1、Raw material: MFI=800~1500 pp slices
2、Single hole extrusion volume (GHM) : 0.2-0.5
3、Melting temperature: 140℃-300℃
4、Maximum melting pressure of spinneret: 20Bar
5、Maximum throughput: 40kg/h
三、Composition of melt spraying production line
1、Automatic feeding device: 1 set of material storage bin with belt
2. Polymer extrusion and melt spraying spinning system
(1) Screw extruder
Screw technical parameters:
The diameter of:65mm
The material:38CrMoAlA
Surface treatment: nitriding polishing
(2) filter device
Drive mode: manual
Structure: column – type double – station hydraulic network changer
(4) Melt piping and insulation
Side blower (double side blower)
(5) combined melt spray die head
The die material:SUS630
Die head length:630mm
Diameter of spinneret:0.25mm
3、Receiving network system
(1) Receiving network device:
Net curtain form: overlapping structure
Adjustment range of spray reception:100-300mm
Installation form: it can be moved horizontally for easy installation, debugging and maintenance
(2) Suction net fan:
4、Hot air heating system
(1) Air blower system:
Model: 37KW screw air compressor with 6 stage filterWith 1m gas storage tank, cold air dryer, pressure regulating valve
(2) Air heater
Heating power: 50KW,Material of tank and conveying pipe: 304 stainless steel
Heat preservation form: the outside of the insulation layer is closed with stainless steel
5、Electrostatic electret system
2 sets of 5 KVA generators
6、Slitting and winding machine
Power: 3KW, linear speed: maximum 40m/min, variable frequency speed regulation
8、Configuration of electrical control box:
Die head system temperature control
Temperature control of melt conveying pipe
Roots fan control
Air heater temperature control
Suction fan control
Receive winding control
Part control of extrusion and strainer

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