Blow molding is put the extruded from the extruder still in the softened thermoplastic into the mold,Then through into the compressed air,use of the air Pressure along the cavity make blank deformation,Thus blown neck short hollow products.

Blow molding has been widely used to produce a variety of thin shell hollow products,Chemicals and household packaging containers,As well as children’s toys, etc.Blow molding is refers to get help from the air pressure, to procure melt parison blow molding in the mold,is the third most common type of plastic processing methods,also is the rapid development of a plastic molding method.Plastic molds used only concave mold..Compared to injection molding, the equipment cost is low, adaptability, good formability,having a complicated shape can be formed products.Blow molding originated in the 1830s. Until 1979, blow molding before entering the widely used stage.This stage, blow molding grade plastics include: polyolefins, engineering plastics and elastomers;Blow molding product applications involving automobiles, office equipment, household appliances, medical and other aspects;can produce 60,000 bottles per hour, also can manufacture of large blow molded parts(180kg),multilayer blow molding technology has been considerable development;Blow molding using micro-computers, solid-state electronic closed-loop control systems, computer CAE / CAM technology has become more mature; blow molding machinery become more specialized, more distinguishing feature.

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