Chemical industry

Development in chemical packing field

In recent years,China’s chemical industry has developed rapidly,The demand for plastic hollow container growing ( 220L ),Because of rising steel prices,Many steel users in order to ensure the use of,then choose the hollow plastic container.

Our company started to develop the production of 200L fully automatic hollow blow molding machine since 2004, this machine using whole structure,compact size, small occupation area, convenient transportation. Plasticating system adopts double envelopment die structure, high molecular weight high density polyethylene specified machine,screw. suitable for processing of powder, granular, mixture of high molecular weight polyethylene, plasticizing capacity up to

300-380kg/hr.Electrical system adopts Italy GEFRAN machine control system, independent control module, wall thickness control points to reach 300 points, the corresponding rate reached 1000MM/SEC. Hydraulic system with energy storage type energy-saving system,reduce energy consumption more than 33%. 200L plastic bucket,the machine production using high molecular weight high density polyethylene material, good corrosion resistance, suitable for various liquid dangerous chemical products packaging, widely used in highway, shipping and rail transport.With high rigidity,impac resistance,low temperature resistance and good environmental stress cracking resistance. The barrel mouth is reasonable in design, low residual, easy cleaning,reduces the influence of residue on the environment. 200L dual-ring double plastic bucket, all indicators have reached the export of dangerous goods packaging requirements of a class.This kind of machine in the domestic annual sales of more than 20, and exported to many countries and regions, won the customer has been received.

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