Application of the blow molding machine in food industry

The food industry is closely related to people’s daily life. It provides the largest accumulation in the consumer goods

industry, it absorbs the largest labor force from urban and rural area, it has the closest dependence with agricultural

industry and most strongconnection with other industries. Its development gets the most attention. The food industry

is an industry full of passion and hope.

How to the development of blow molding machine industry on the focus the safety, health and environmental protection is the most critical issues of every manufacturers should focus on. Blow molding machine industry in China is already close international wellknown enterprises in technic and manufacturing, but there is still a certain distance in the field of brand awareness and innovation.The domestic blow molding machine manufacturers are also facing the difficulties of industrial transformation and upgrading. How to make a fast upgrade, they need to find a breakthrough point.

The energy saving of Our High speed series blow molding machine is very important to the breakthrough. Energy

has become a bottleneck for the developmentof whole society. Under the premise of keep the original efficiency and quality, if our machines caneffectively reduce the machineenergy consumption to achieve power cost saving for the mass production, this will win a largenumber of plastic bottles manufacturers.

In this way Our machines will bring the real cost saving and profit improvement directly to the plastic bottles manufacturers. Another breakthrough of course, is blow molding machine innovation. According to the defects of the existing market for blow molding machine,through market research, We will to understand the customers needs, to make machine improvement and innovation.

Becoming the industry leader is also the most effective means of our own competitiveness.

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