Medical treatment

blow molding machines in the medical field

With the development of medical technology and medical plastic, hollow blow molding products have been widely used

in the medical field. The medical plastic can be made for disposable infusion bags, plasma bags, oxygen masks and other

medical equipments, as well as medical stretchers, medical aids headboard and so onOur machines,Our High Speed

blow molding machines are suitable for processing the hollow products with the main materials like PVC, PP and so on. The sery of these blow moulding machines adopt the screw of low compression ratio, improve melt flowing and plasticizing

capacity. Meanwhile Centre feeding die heads make the material quickly melted, reduce the risk of thermal decomposition,

to achieve a smooth product surface and aclear and transparent product body, retaining the flexibility and strength of the

material. The machine has automatic deflashing, pickingout robot functions to avoid secondary pollution caused by artificial

contact, to achieve the purposeof the sterile production.

Our products, from 30L to 160L blow molding machines, are suitable for processing PP, HDPE and other materials

products, like stretchers,headboards and other products.These machines use the fixed mold opening and closing mechanism,the accumulated extrusion structure, the 300p parison thickness control system, the multifunction bottom blowing system,automatic pickingout robot arms and other devices. The product weight up to 5 kg, andthe length up to 2.5 meters. All the machines adopt advance energysaving technologies,and can save over 30% energy consumption, compared with the traditional equipments. And we can offer customized machines and special structure according to the clients’ demand, in order to meet the requirements of the product structure, size, material, etc…

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