The development and prospects in the children’s playground facilitiesAfter 30 years of continuous efforts, China’s recreational facilities develops from zero, from small to large, from coarse to fine,from the import to the export, it has been gradually formed a complete system from design, manufa cturing,usage, maintenance, quality supervision, inspection and safety monitoring. The procedure isdeveloped more and more scientific, and standardized. Thegeographic layout has become more ational, gradually extending from the coastal areas into the mainland. Recreation manufacturing in China is full of potential prosperity.According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 230 play ground equipment manufacturers in China, providing about¥5 billion playground equipment each year for both domestic and international amusement parks.Current and in future years, China’s am usement industry will face the situation of the following characteristics:China still has the favorable conditions for maintaining the steady and rapid economic development and social harmony and progress. The upgrading of the consumption structure of urban and rural residents will further promoe the adjustmentof industrial structure and accelerate the development of tertiary industry. The national policy advocatedfor building a harmonious society will bring unprecedented opportunities for the amusement industry development. These will provide a huge market demand for the development of the amusement trend in the amusement manufacturing industry will be more obvious.

The exported quantity will be increasing, the export countries and regions will be moreextensive, there will be more foreign companies seek cooperation or investment in China. We will do bigger, better and stronger in this area, promoting a variety of modelsfor the production of toys products. We believe that through the joint efforts, the ChineseRecreation manufacturing will create a more brilliant future!

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